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Leafnote - Reusable Paperless Notebook

Leafnote is a reusable paperless notebook which provides you with a classic pen and paper experience. You can write, wipe the page clean with just water and then reuse it! It's the only notebook you'll need on your table.

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How does Leafnote work?

  • Leafnote - Durable and reusable


    Leafnote is reusable (write, erase, reuse) and built to last. Wipe pages clean with just water.

  • Leafnote - Eliminate single use paper


    Leafnote pages provide a classic pen and paper experience. No trees are used.

  • Leafnote - Personalized by you


    Personalized to your needs, select your favorite cover and your own page setup.

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  • Mafalda shares her Leafnote falling in a pool and working perfectly after.

    Leafnote Diamond 
  • Ana shares her fantastic drawing skill using her Leafnote.

    Panda Pen 
  • Raquel sharing her own Leafnote which is beautiful just on it's own.

    Leafnote Floral 
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  • @passioncarnets

    OUIIIIIII!!! Mon nouveau carnet @leafnote est arrivé hier et je n'arrête pas de dessiner et d'effacer depuis.

    View passioncarnets 
  • @paycharte

    "I can write, erase and rewrite. I like it so much! ❤️ I use this notebook like Bullet Journal. The layouts are amazing: monthly planner, weekly planner, daily planner, budget list, grocery list… I love this notebook. Save Trees. It's a perfect gift"

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  • @marinaveronique

    This notebook is made without using any trees, customizable and perfect for lovers of "stationery". The best? It is 100% reusable! Comes with a pen, cloth, and an empty spray to fill with water and clean when you want!

    View @marinaveronique 
  • @joanastudies

    With a Leafnote, you don't need to spend sheets and sheets with notes that you will only read once and then throw away. With a Leafnote, when your notes are no longer useful, you only have to erase the page with the help of a spray and a cloth and it looks like new!

    View @joanastudies 
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